Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This blog is under quarantine

The blogger responsible for this blog has been infested with zombies. We advise extreme caution.

Blogging will continue once all the undead have been decapitated and their bodies safely disposed of. We apologise for any inconvenience this infestation has caused.


Casey Freeland said...

Ah, well, I hear that zombie thing is going around. Hope you find a way to kick those undead butts very soon.

Unknown said...

Well I am sorry I forgot to undo my orders to get you. Are they making too much noise gnawing on your bones?

Aww just relax. You will be joining us soon enough. *evil grin*

Anonymous said...

Do you need a shotgun???

DNOTY2007 said...

Thanks for letting us know, Inky! Best of luck beating them off (remember - try and pick them off from a distance, and keep your hair tied back & no loose clothes should you have to do some closae range fighting!)

et said...

Make sure you've completely taken care of air borne infection! Aww!

SSQuo said...

Note to zombies: you guys are overstaying ! Get over it, leave inkpot alone, she's ours!!

Unknown said...

If Inky was eaten and then barfed @ pooped out, can she be revived using drops of blood?

Well, we shall know soon enough in Inky the Vampire Caterer. :)

Spider42 said...

sounds intense!
hope you either convert or kill em all soon so we can have inkpot back..

Casey Freeland said...

Miss you Miss. (Oh, this is my new name by the way. G. Coppard, Spencer L. Casey, CGF... it's all the same.)

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Spider42 said...

where'd you go? we miss you so.. seems like its been forever, that you've been gone... :)

hope to see your writing again inkpot, if not, simply hope all is well.

Cheers, take care..

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SSQuo said...

Come back please. Where are you? Are you well. Concerned here my dear. Write to tell us you are well.


Casey Freeland said...

I second that emotion. You've been gone so long I've changed my name twice! G. Coppard. Spencer Casey. And now just my real name, Casey Freeland. All me though.

Come on! Say hi!

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Swubird said...

Zombies? Lol! Maybe Norton Security could help:)