Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Writing Update

This is meant to be a writing blog and recently my writing posts have been few and far between. So here is an update:-

The Moonwolf Chronicles:- Til the Moon Fails is still being written. I wasn't happy with the first draft so I have started it again from scratch. It is coming along well, but there is a lot still to be written.
- The Mark of the Wolf. I have notes on the rewrite and on what I want to change and improve and highlight, but as yet no work has been done on it.
- In Search of the Moon is in editing limbo.

Iserie Valult books:- Valerie and I have had some very productive meetings about our joint trilogy of science fiction books, which have taken Biff and co into interesting and new territory. However, it has not progressed any further than that.

The WB: - No further work done.

7 Days in Hell:- Has been submitted for a second time.

Short stories, flash fiction, other work:- Nothing to report.

Books: - 28/48

Submissions:- 7 Days in Hell - 2 Other - 0


A Fan said...

I think that you have done an awful lot in your writing career to date.

Keep at it! Perseverence leads to success, and when you have talant as well, it's a great combination!

Mango said...

Looking forward to reading the new Til The Moon Fails - I'm sure it's brill!!

Pinky said...

Mango - r u not surposed to be in a deep sleep - great if you are not you can post blogs again

Mango said...

Hi Pinky! I'm down in Blackrock this week, slightly drowsy but awake!

Back to blogging next week!

Pinky said...

yeah thats GREAT news. looking forward to hearing all about your deep sleep