Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Painting

Because I have been doing so much painting recently, I thought I would post some pictures of the works I am particularly proud of.
This is a picture of Cori rearing (his welcome to Humphries). 30 x 40 cms, acrylic on canvas
This is a portrait of J.B, 20 x 25 cms, acrylic on canvas
A portrait of Janna. I call it Her Master's Voice, because I see it as her looking up at me, but other people think she looks really sad. 30 x 40 cms, acrylic on canvasGerry the goat, 18 x 24 cms, acrylic on canvas

Portrait of Cori, 25 x 35 cms, acrylic on canvas

All the original pictures are for sale and I also have a range of note cards and limited edition prints. I am available for commissions, so contact me for any further information on the above.

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Broken Wing said...

Well the wait was worth it. the pictures are stunning. I love them. the idea of note cards is pretty good too. My two favourites of this bunch has to be the 2 of cori - yes he is a dramatic horse but the paintings are just inspirational. i love the others too of course- they are also really excellant. and all worth about 100 times the price you will charge for them