Monday, September 11, 2006

Another one bites the dust

Just finished section three, more or less this minute. It ran a little longer than I had planned, but that is the way it goes sometimes. I am pleased with it, and I am looking forward to starting section 4 tomorrow. I had planned on starting it today, and taking two weeks to write it, but as I have been delayed I am going to count the two weeks from tomorrow.



grumpy said...

Well as one who has read it, I can only say it was worth the wait! Despite keeping me up late and intruding on my thoughts this morning, which should be focused on other things. Fast moving, confident, enthralling, I can see why Dogget and Mulder fight over who's to read it first. Just go a bit quicker on section 4!

Inkpot said...

Glad you liked it Grumpy! Sorry it kept you up late - hope you weren't grumpy this morning because of it! Heehee