Saturday, September 09, 2006

High Tide

It was supposed to be the highest tide in 20 years last night, so I headed down to Blackrock to have a look. There were lots of sand bags out on the promenade, and outside front doors on the village sea front, but the sea was very calm and didn't look particularly high, although it was a full tide. No seeping out onto the road or anything like that. The water looked really beautiful with the moon shining on it. At 8.30 the moon was huge and yellow, but by 10.30 it was somewhat smaller and whiter. It looked magical.


grumpy said...

So, you go chasing the moon instead of concentrating on your writing. You were lucky not to succome to the lure of the high tide moons!!

Anonymous said...

Are you not part wolf, Inkpot?