Monday, October 16, 2006

Feeling insecure

Pottering around the web, doing research, and suddenly it seems to me that everyone else's blog is better and more interesting than mine, and everyone else's life is more vibrant and everyone else's view on things is more pertinent and important and everyone else's profile has been viewed more times than mine. At times like this I want to curl up and die. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a human being, let alone a writer.

I'm just thinking like this coz I'm tired and feeling pretty ill and I've LOTS of work to do!

Also, M*A*S*H (the movie) is on telly and the the song - suicide is painless - is running through my head. I know that I've reached a low ebb when I'm watching M*A*S*H.

Watched Arrested Development this evening. Funniest line from the episode (which was pretty funny, and yes, I use the word pretty ALOT) was Bob Loblaw's Weblog (try saying that fast five times!)

I wasn't good company tonight, feeling really badly, so badly I am thinking of going to see the doctor again tomorrow *shudders*. Valpot gave me great idea for some articles though (fact based writing isn't my strong point at the moment).


Anonymous said...

Where are the better sites? I'd like to see them!

grumpy said...

first of all, i don't believe that there are many better sites and if there are so what! Improve your own if you feel like that!! I think it is excellant and full of useful information about birthdays, animals books and films as well as nice photos but if you feel it can be improved - go for it!
secondly, i know at least one famous author who is devoted to M*A*S*H so there is a precedent here and perhaps an indictation that you will now have a flurry of rapid writing
thirdly, there are many people who are suffering serious withdrawal symptoms not knowing if janna and hans can persaud stetson to change his mind- think of these people
next- i would refer you to an excellant site called the fight against failureism. study it!
next- i hope you really are a melacholic as you say in one posting or choralic otherwise you will be upset by this advice
lastly- think of that little monkey who went and wrote and published - just be inspired

Anonymous said...

Writing is easy! So is blogging - isn't it?

tcm said...

Poor Inky- i hope you feel better soon. i too go through such feelings of total ineptitude when it comes to being a human and especially when it comes to writing.We must battle on - think of the pleasure you give to all your family, friends, fans and pets. (Did Leppie inspire this mood?)