Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Super Nanny

Watching Super Nanny at the moment. It is turning into my regular Tuesday night fare. I really admire Jo Frost. Her techniques remind me of dog training, but I think raising children and training dogs are very similar in many ways. It amazes me what some people do to their children. They aren't bad people, but... they lost the plot somewhere along the line. It is fascinating watching.

TV - the bane of my life!

I am still hoping I will get Til the Moon Fails before November 1st. I think Nanowrimo will be a doddle after that if I do! However, if I don't get it finished, I will have to continue writing it in November and it gets priority to my nano novel, so it will affect my chances of winning. I'm sure I can do it all! *hopeful grin*.


Valinora Troy said...

No bother to you at all!! I'm sure you will finish TTMF before November (or worse case, early on in the month!) There's still two weeks to go!

Michele said...

I wish i had Super Nanny's assistance at Family Court!
Hope you interview on the radio went well and loads of potential writers are noting dates in their commonplace note books.
while i hope (and expect) that you will get your nowrimo book done i'm afraid i'm somewhat more interested in U T M F or is it I I M F?? i also think it would be appropriate to complete it now as you began the trigoly with nanowrimo 2 years ago.
i would have liked to have heard the interview.
finally why don't people use their real names???

TCM said...

people do use their real names - i am confused - who doesnt?