Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The 50 Greatest TV Dramas - according to C4

I caught a bit of this on Saturday night, but I was too tired to watch more than a few minutes. However, my interest was piqued by the fact that I had seen a clip from The Prisoner on the ads for the programme and I wanted to know where it placed. I was sure that Channel Four would put the list on their website, as they have with other similar minded shows, but they haven't as of yet. However, I have found the list (posted by some kind mortal on their blog, and from there to a forum) and I discovered that

a) The Prisoner ranked #38

b) Doctor Who ranked #26

c) The Sopranos ranked #1

The thing about the list is, I wonder what they define as a drama. It had things like Hill Street Blues, and The Sopranos, yet was predominately British. It had Pride and Prejudice, Z Cars, Roots, Band of Brothers, Bleak House, Shameless - rather an eclectic mix for dramas, don't you think? And where are The X Files? Also, I think both The Prisoner and Doctor Who should have ranked MUCH HIGHER than they did.
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Pinky :) said...

Did it have Angel and Bones and Stargate?

Valinora Troy said...
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Inkpot said...

To Pinky :- No, Angel, Bones and Stargate were not included. :(

To Valinora: - Yes, I agree. Top 5 for both of them.

Valinora Troy said...

Sorry, Inkpot - deleted my post...here it is again!

Yes, it's awful ranking - who votes? Both Dr Who and The Prisoner are really good, British drama - both should have been in the top 5 at least!