Sunday, May 27, 2007

Daisy and the Doctor

Did you see it? Were you watching? Dr Who last night on BBC1. Just when I had almost given up hope, they come along with this smashing episode - certainly the best episode of series 3 and possibly one of the best in the whole new series!

The dashing Doc

The story goes - The Doctor and Martha are being chased by this dangerous family of aliens who want (or need) a Time Lord to survive. In order to prevent being hunted down to the ends of space and time (they have his scent) he uses his chameleon machine to become human (if only Rose had known about that!) storing his Time Lord consciousness in a watch (a time piece - get it!). Then he jets off to 1913 England and becomes a school teacher in a boys school, with Martha as his maid, where he quickly falls in love with the school nurse, lonely widow Matron Joan.

Matron Joan - AKA Daisy Steiner

The episode is the first part of a two parter, so unfortunately I will have to wait til next Saturday to see the exciting conclusion. However, I have a few exciting things of note about the episode. The love interest for the Doc in the episode is none other than our own beloved wanna be writer - Daisy Steiner - passing herself off as a nurse, Matron Joan!
Daisy Steiner

But what of Tim Bisley, I hear you say? Indeed, what of Tim? For those of you who don't remember, Tim and Daisy pretended to be a couple to rent an apartment together (Daisy struggling writer, Tim aspiring comic book artist) and struck up a strong friendship which hinted at something more.

Tim can't believe the news

Despite two seasons of Spaced, Tim and Daisy never got together (romantically) but I lived in hope. Now I know there is a new man in Daisy's life, I am sad that I will never see her with Tim, but if she wasn't to end up with him, I couldn't be happier to see her in the arms of the Doctor.

Daisy and her new man - the Doctor

In other news, I really love the 1913 fashions they have in this episode. They are so flattering - to male and female alike - and are very dignified. I love the dress Daisy wears to the dance and Martha, the Doctor's companion, looks so much better in the old fashioned clothes and make up than she does in the modern slap.

1913 Martha

2007 Martha


Pamela said...

did you DVD the episode?

Inkpot said...

Hey Pamela. Yes, I recorded the episode on DVD, hence the screen caps.

Anonymous said...

I'm gld to see Daisy still gets the odd job, though not sure if the Doctor should get so human... And what of poor Tim???