Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The lesson I have learned

Is that you should always bring your book with you. I went for lunch with a friend the other day and I brought my book with me, but left it in the car once I arrived at the meeting point, because I thought I would hardly need it while eating lunch. How wrong I was. Half way through eating, my friend popped out for a few seconds and didn't return for fifteen minutes. That was precious reading time lost because of not being prepared. And then, this morning, I was waiting for my mum while she went into the shop and AGAIN, I didn't bring my book with me and lost out on minutes of reading. In future I am going to keep a book on me at all times. I might have to strap it to my body to achieve this, but if it must be done, it will be done. Maybe I could invent the first book holster.

Book Pledge: 33/150


pinky said...

sounds like a good plan to me - you should emerency books in lots of different locations

pinky said...

please can you ask October to let me post on his blog

pinky said...

please can you allow me to post on your riding blog

Inkpot said...

hi Pinky, I have changed my riding blog so that you can post on it now :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Inkpot, I think a book holster is an excellent idea.

However, I am confused - is it normal for your friends and family to abandon you for long periods like this???

I think they need furtehr training!