Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm a walking cliche!!!

I've just realised I am a living breathing cliche! You know the one about the struggling writer who spends all morning writing only to delete it in the afternoon? I know lots of writers have written about it, but I think Albert Camus put it best in his book, The Plague, when one character has been writing a book for years (can't remember the exact details) and hasn't got past the first sentence!

I'm feeling a bit like that at the moment.


Pinky said...

Poor Inky - you just have to eat lots of smartie choc and orange ripples. Think of NZ and the fun in store for us!!

A Big Fan said...

Can I make a suggestion?

Leave the last bit of TTMF fails for the moment - maybe you just can't quite hit the end of the story in the right note at the moment but that doesn't matter now. Much better to get started on TMOTW, and get that out to agents by September - who knows what good news you'd get before NZ? And there's still plenty of time to finish that last bit of TTMF when it feels right.

Unless you are avoiding getting started on TMOTW for some weird reason???

If it doesn't feel right to start TMOTW, get started on any of your numerous other writing projects. DON'T waste weeks and months writing and re-writing the end of TTMF! Have long have you spent now? Writing is EASY!

Why do you keep saying you don't want to say goodbye to Hans and Janna? Why cannot they not appear again? Unless you plan to kill them, but personally I'm not in favour of finishing a fantasy trilogy on a dark note.

The third book does not have to be perfect before the first book gets sent out to agents.