Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Black Gate Magazine

My first two issues of Black Gate magazine arrived today. I couldn't help but dive in. What a wonderful magazine. Packed full of fantastic fantasy stories, it is a pleasure to see and hold not only to read. It is large, A4 size at least, with a glossy colour cover. Published only a couple of times a year, it is almost like an annual. This is a thick magazine. The stories it contains are long, so the authors get lots of opportunity to write an immersing and realistic world and each of the stories is engaging - a first, in my experience with fiction magazines. It is also the first wholly fantasy magazine I have read, and I love it. How wonderful it would be to be published in this magazine. Unfortunately, due to the few times a year it is published and a high proportion of recurring authors, they are shut to submissions at the moment. Until they reopen their black gate for submissions (ha!ha!) I will enjoy reading it and would highly recommend it.

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Valpot said...

Ah, the black gate to Mordor... Ok, maybe not! Yes, very good, well written and original stories. Looking forward to reading the other mag you have!