Friday, February 08, 2008

Review of Week 4th - 8th February

I didn't have a great week this week. I started writing a short story for a competition and, even though the first draft is ok, I am totally stuck with it and I am either unwilling or unable to mold it into something new. Did write another rather nonsense short story. I started writing it to help me unblock, wasn't expecting it to turn into a story at all was supposed to be just random words, but it turned out to have a nice cohesive plot and interesting characters. Haven't looked at it since, so I don't know what I'll do with it, but it is lurking on my desktop to remind me that it is there. I have written more words so far in Feb than I did in Jan, which is good. Reading wise I'm doing ok with two books finished so far. This week is a short week because I'm going up to Dublin tomorrow for the weekend. Thank God Curves is closed for training tomorrow so I won't be missing a day of the challenge. At the moment there are about 8 of us in the running for top attendee and I don't want to give them an advantage by missing a day. Hopefully next week I will get some things finished and sent off, as March is a competition heavy month and I don't want to fall behind.


Valpot said...

Your word count for the month is good so far which is great! There are always bad days anyway, so don't worry about them - just move on to the next!

Anonymous said...

What do you get for being top attendee? Apart, that is from increased fitness, toning, weight loss and general well being. All these stories.... what do we get to see???