Monday, December 18, 2006

This day week is Christmas day!

It seems weird that after all the preparation, planning and executing, I don't feel like it is Christmas at all. I have two Christmas parties this week, and presents to give out to family and friends. Maybe I'll get more into the Christmas spirit the nearer I come to the date. I feel like this every year - November, I can't wait for Christmas but by the last week I feel washed out and like it is any other normal week of the year.


m said...

Poor Inky!! you have not got into the mood yet- ditch the writing, ditch the mad hurrying and scurrying around, think of the what Christmas really means, let the joy catch you, then relax and spread it around. also what do you mean 2 parties, surely its 3!!!! have you forgotten the boys???

P said...

thats great advise M -

Inkpot said...

No, haven't forgotten the boys, forgotten the one on Friday. Are we dressing up for the gang then? :D