Thursday, December 14, 2006

Who will be Nodpot of the Year 2006?

The Disresponsibe Nodpots voted for the Nodpot of the year last weekend. It has been going for two years and I have won it two years in a row, so I have hoping to win it again this year and get the hat trick. However, I don't know if I am the most worthy member to receive it. Mungo did a lot of writing this year, and he is totally new to this whole writing lark. He also shamed me with the amount of times he submitted Leaf to publishers and agents. I think Valerie really deserves to win though. Apart from the impressive list of books that she has read, she won Nanowrimo this year and wrote a wonderful book, as well as sponsoring me and giving me lots of help and support. She has also submitted her book to agents and done lots of writing work. If anyone deserves to steal my hat trick from me, it is her. Either way, we'll have a great night on the 31st and, as Pinky said on Mungo's blog, may the best noddy win!


pinky said...

i am honoured that the twice noody of the year has quoted me in one of her blogs

Mango said...

Mungo is the best! Though you make a great runner-up, Mummy - and if Mungo was not a nodpot, I'm sure YOU'd be Nodpot of The Year!

Anonymous said...

What's a noody?