Monday, July 14, 2008

My Blogging Anniversary

I wanted to make a big thing of my blogging and writing anniversary this year (two years on the trot) and I had it marked with flashing lights in my calendar, but that all got wiped when my laptop got sick, so it completely passed me by. My cotton anniversary for the blog was on the 25th June and my writing career has been going for two years since the 3rd of July (the date I got the laptop back this year). I started this as an experiment for six months and now I've been doing it for two years. It is amazing where the time goes.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you , Happy BIrthday to you, Happy Birthday dear blog Happy BIrhtday to you
*cheere* balloons* fireworks*

Inkpot said...

Hip hip hurray! Thanks Anon. :)

Valinora Troy said...

Nicely put, Anon.

yes, coming up to my 2 year anniversary too - and lots to shwo for it!

Well, er -4 books (yet to be published) - and 4 stories accepted for publication.

Inkpot said...

Happy Anniversary Valpot! I have to correct you with your publications, you have SIX. Well done! :D