Friday, March 13, 2009

Yes, Aliens got me

Hello all. I'm back - sort of. I apologise for the two weeks - er - vacation. I would like to be able to tell you that I've spent the last two weeks:-
1. In London discussing a six figure book deal with my agent and publishers
2. On a closed set of the next Firefly movie
3. Holidaying with Nathan Fillion
4. Imprisoned by aliens from Alpha Centuri
But alas, no. The real reason is not so pleasant to talk about, but includes illness and loss. I won't bore you with the details.
Thank you for the lovely comments while I was away. It will take me awhile to get back to you all and to check up on your blogs (which I have missed) so please bear with me. I'm looking forward on catching up and finding out what you have all been up to.
SSQuo - I'm sorry I wasn't around to receive your orders. I'm ready and waiting for the new batch.
Oh, and today is Friday 13th, the second one we've had so far this year. Spooky! So, do you think 13 is a lucky or unlucky number? I've never felt superstitious about it. Black cats and walking under ladders don't bother me (although if you do the latter you might get splattered with paint or soap suds, depending who is up the ladder). I have a friend who was born on Friday 13th and she sees it as her lucky day. What do you think? Is it a tuck your head under the duvet kind of day (sounds good to me) or is it business as usual?


Shadowthorne said...

Well well well.... look who has finally crept out from under an alien rock.

We missed you Inky, Princess of Darkness.

Friday the 13... nope, no shivers here. Superstitioun is a way for ol folks to prevent naughty children from doing dangerous things. Don't walk under a ladder if you don't want it to collapse on you. Do not let a black cat cross in front of you cause they are really alien's agent and if you failed, they will abduct you for two weeks. Like so. :)

Amuse us.

Shadowthorne said...

Did I spelled superstition wrong? Yes.

SSQuo said...

When you are back and feeling better, I do want to know what happened, sad and fun stories are all important. Of course ONLY if you are comfortable telling us, if not, I'll be shhhh. :)

Take care! thinking of ya, and missing ya posts!

DNOTY2008 said...

Welcome back, Inky - it'd good to see you post again