Thursday, May 07, 2009

Can you tell me how to get to the coco bongo club?

I watched the movie The Mask the other day and it sure did bring me back in time. I was thirteen when it came out in the cinema and it immediately became a favourite. I loved Stanley Ipkiss, the downtrodden nice guy played by Jim Carrey, and I really rooted for him to win the heart of the beautiful Tina Carlyse played by Cameron Diaz. I loved the movie so much I watched it many times in the cinema and on video, drew pictures of the characters and re-enacted the scenes in the Coco Bongo nightclub with my cuddly toys. I even called a soft toy monkey after Tina (yes, I was an innocent child).

The Mask was just as popular with the other girls in my school. The girl who sat beside me in class named her dog Milo after Stanley's dog in the movie. Unfortunately her Milo had a much shorter and less exciting life than his screen counter part. He was knocked down and killed outside his house a short while after being bought.

One of the things that I really liked about the movie was the forties themed night club the Coco Bongo club. Another favourite movie, Blast from the Past, also features a hip happening spot called Club Forties. I love the dance routines and music that take place in these clubs. They ooze style.

Now, I know that these are movies, but my question to the more widely travelled among my readers is this - do clubs like these actually exist in the real world? Is there a joint as cool as the Coco Bongo, and if so, where is it and would you recommend it?

My second question is, what hotel/bar/restaurant/etc in movie land do you wish existed so you could visit it?


Shadowthorne said...

Your question; I wish to visit Sauron's One Eye Black Tower and say hi to his High Nastiness, with Frodo's head at my feet. Oh and tell him how to defeat White Tower and ways to assassinate the next true King, Aragorn.

Unfortunately such clubs only exist in the movies Inky. Remember 'the last days of Disco'? When disco died, so were the hip and happening things before it.

Loved the movie Mask too. Did you know that the actual owner of the Mask was Loki, the God of Trickery? I love reading the Viking sagas!

Anonymous said...

I think there are cool clubs if you are in the know but I never heard of a 40's one
About fictional places- Sam's place of course- which is also 40's co incidental

Anonymous said...

Rick's. The club from Casablanca.

That's the place I want to get Lung Cancer from, dammit!

G. Coppard said...

I'm going to have to request the bar in the original Star Wars. Any place you can get your head chopped off my a light saber is worth a stop for a neon, smoking drink.

SSQuo said...

Can't think of any right now! It's the flu thingy that makes me feel like I am on a constant happy state, you know the one glass of wine kind of spinning...just the hint of twirling...