Monday, May 04, 2009

Writing Tip of the Day

This tip I learned from the writer M.M Kaye and I find it very useful.
When you finish your writing session for the day, always finish mid sentence. That way, when you resume writing the next day you will either remember where you left off or set your creative juices flowing to finish the sentence you left hanging.
It is much more inspiring than looking at a blank page or a neatly tied up paragraph and helps you know where to go next.


G. Coppard said...

Inky this is genius! Thank you. I'm going to use it every time from here on out. I always try to tidy up and I always have that ugh when I sit down to write again. Mid sentence is perfect. I might even go mid-word...


Shadowthorne said...

Yes, this is a VERY good suggestion for a writer.

Unfortunately I am only able to write when 1. forced or 2. inspiration overwhelmed me.

And thanks for commenting Inky, I thought you never cared. *snif*