Friday, May 01, 2009

Fun fabrication fact Friday

Word: Pins
Meaning: Slang term for legs
Origin: During the early years of the twentieth century bored aristocrats used to play an early form of ten pin bowling using five servants and a marble sphere taken from a plinth. The servants were told to stand at the bottom of a hill, usually near a pond or lake, and the marble ball would be pushed down the hill towards them. The winner of the game was the person who had the most 'strikes' by knocking the servants down and pinning their legs with the marble ball. Players used to refer to the servants' legs as pins, referring to how many they had crushed and/or broken. The term entered common usage in 1929. It also became the name for the wooden manniquins that eventually replaced servants in this brutal game.

Have a good weekend everyone and for those of you enjoying a day off on Monday - have an extra good weekend. :)


SSQuo said...


What a perfect way to start my weekend, I have a new story to tell. :) Merci Inkpot. And what's on Monday? I'm not off!! Hmpph.

Shadowthorne said...

.... not brutal enough. The servants at least could skip away from the balls. I prefer archery competitions using real targets - people.

And why you didn't comment on my entry just for you Inky?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inkpot said...

Thanks SSQuo. Monday is a holiday here in Ireland and the UK. Sorry you have to work. :)

Archery is a good choice if you are a good shot, otherwise the people have a chance to escape. I find a crossbow is a good weapon of choice. And I loved your x files post, Shadowthorne.

Anonymous said...

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