Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I am a big Dean Koontz fan and I was strolling past a bookshop today, peering into the window just on the off chance they might have his latest - Brother Odd (third installment in the brilliant Odd Thomas series) - when my eyes fell upon it sitting on the book shelf! I squealed with joy and ran into the shop, much to the amazement of my mother, who was with me. I started it at lunch time and so far it is excellent. I was so tempted to curl up in a comfy chair (or even a less comfy one) and read it all afternoon, but I forced myself to put it down at 2pm and go upstairs to write. It will be waiting for me when I'm finished working and it will be a good idea to prolong the pleasure. Reading a new book, especially a new book that I expect to be good (and even more so when it is one by Dean Koontz) is a wonderful experience. When I sat down to open the cover for the first time, my fingers were trembling. It is a little like eating a finally cooked meal. Part of me wants to rush through and devour it as quickly as possible, while another part wants to slowly savour each bite. Mmmm... I feel hungry now.

Book pledge: 3 1/2 and now 1/4 books/150


pinky said...

cant wait to read it.

Doi Tnow said...

Your self-control is impressive, very inspiring!