Friday, January 26, 2007

Magazine Shopping

I went shopping for magazines today (for research purposes, of course) and I just couldn't believe the amount of magazines out there. There were several magazines on tattoos and tattoo art, all kinds for surfing and wind surfing and diving, several for knitting and papermaking, half a dozen for shooting, others on walking and running as well as your usual women's mags, animal mags, fishing and cars and hobbies and news kind of stuff. However, Easons in Dundalk didn't stock one magazine on writing or publishing. Either that, or they were all sold out this late in the month by the trigger happy writers of the town. It really opened by eyes though. There is a whole plethora of magazines out there devoted to obscure subjects that I can write for.

Book Pledge: 9/150
Submission Pledge: 0/30

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