Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Review of January

My goals for January were as follows: -

1. Write 50K words on Til the Moon Fails.
Something about the Til the Moon Fails has been bugging me since I started it, and this month I realised what that was. So, I have gone back to the start to rectify the problem. This means I didn't get as much done on furthering the book as I had wished, however I hope that it will continue to flow quicker and stronger from now on.

2. Start to edit The Mark of the Wolf.
I read The Mark of the Wolf and took copious notes and I realised that editing was really a euphemism for rewriting it. The writing is good and there is a story there, but everything is layered with mounds of historical/big house drama that are unnecessary and slow the writing down. I gave myself two months for this job, which I now realise is foolishly optimistic, but I'm looking forward to starting working on the next draft come Feb.

3. Send Assignments 2 and 3 to the Writers Bureau.
Yup. Assignment 2 submitted and completed and, as of today, assignment 3 submitted.

4. Two meetings with Valpot about our joint books.
Yup again. Had two very productive meetings about Ely, its origins, its people and its mores.

Book Pledge: 9/150
Submission Pledge: 0/30

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Valinora Troy said...

Pretty impressive!

Especially the Assignment 3 part!!!!