Friday, August 24, 2007

Baby Lily Marie

Here are the (possilby) first photos of post natal Lily Marie Murphy, certainly the first on the internet of her anyway! This is my niece at almost one day old. We went down to the hospital in Port Laoise yesterday to visit her and to see how mum and dad were getting on. I've never been around babies much, I've never had any interest in them, so I've never experienced before the feeling of looking at a new person who has her whole life ahead of her. What will she be like? What will she do and learn and be? It is very exciting. I hope I will be part of her life and that she will like it when she visits me or I visit her, rather than groaning 'Oh no, Aunt Inkpot isn't visiting, is she?'.


A Fan said...

Poor li'l Lilpot! She looks sweet!

(or is she a Pot?)

pinky said...

sheis beautiful . she will love it when you visit - she will be saying "when is Inkpot visiting"

Broken Wing said...

she is really beautiful. i think its great she's on the internet only a day after birth. she'll grow up to be a blogger i'm sure. please God she'll start eating now!!