Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Printer Problems

I was sending out query letters to agents for The Mark of the Wolf and, this just shows you how long it has been since I last got a submission package ready, I ran across a problem with my printer. Well, my print cartridge to be more precise. I printed out my letter head and it is a brown/sepia tone and it came out red. The display on the computer told me I was out of black ink, but the colour cartridge was over half full. I changed the black cartridge and printed another test page. Again it came out red. I played around with the image and changed the lettering to black and, even with this, it came out with a faint red line around the words. I printed out a test page and it was also red. The conclusion I came to was that I have run out of the other colours in my colour cartridge leaving only red ink. I didn't know this was possible (I don't remember printing predominately blue and yellow pictures) but I am very disappointed that the printer is telling me I have so much of my colour cartridge left when it is only red ink! I would have changed it if I had a spare cartridge. It will be a waste of all that red ink, but I don't print red that often (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have so much left!)


Broken Wing said...

its so great that you are back writing and submitting that it overshadows your problem with the red ink. perhaps a submission in red ink would catch the attention of an agent. ok, maybe not very favourable attention. hope you get this sorted out and am now beginging to hope that perhaps TTMF may be available soon

Anonymous said...

Printers can be such a pain!

Hope yours gets sorted out!

Inkpot said...

Thanks B.W and Anon for the interest. I was able to fix something up so that it wasn't too red. I want to get interest from the agent, but not unfavourable interest as you say B.W. I hope to have a new colour cartridge before I have to print anything else up.