Monday, August 27, 2007

The Mark of the Wolf

I'm working on revising The Mark of the Wolf at the moment, heading towards the final draft. I have all these ideas in my head about how I want it to be, and I hope I can bring all these threads to bear successfully in the final draft. I've been reading TMOTW again before I start work on it and, despite all its faults, I am enjoying it. I think the characters are good and the scenario interesting. However, I keep on feeling that it is the action that takes place off scene that is the more important stuff. A lot of the scenes are based very much in the mundane and the everyday, with the characters often referring to something exciting that has happened but that we, the readers, didn't get to see. One of the things I will have to do in this edit is shift the perspective and show those scenes which weren't shown before, and leave much of the everyday to the imagination. This might make the final draft look very different from the original (on the surface) but the book that was struggling to break free from the confines of the ordinary was there all the long. I think it is going to be good - really good. I'm very excited about it.


Broken Wing said...

your fans are even more excited to read it!! its a hard task though, the sculting of a good story to improve it or should i say the cutting of the diamond. good luck i loved the first draft so will probably really love the new version

pinky said...

cant wait xxx

Valinora Troy said...

Yes, I loved the first draft too but I could see the butterfly still within its chrysallis... :)