Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clarification on yesterday's post

I got a lot of congratulations because of yesterday's post, which I found extremely puzzling. I want to thank everyone for their kind words, but I think it is necessary to clear some things up. I used the example of losing weight to illustrate an abstract concept (the high of achievement), just as I used getting my acting job as an example. I was not speaking about any recent or specific achievement. It was not to celebrate anything that has happened in my life within the last week. Thank you for congratulating me on past experiences, but this was not the aim of the post. It was trying to understand something of the nature of achievement and how it gives you a high to continue to pursue your goal. When this is lacking, it can be easy to fall into apathy and leave the path. I obviously didn't make this very clear.
In reply to DN, yes I am published in Voices in Dundalk and I have won writing competitions, but I have not yet SOLD an article for PUBLICATION. There is a difference.


Broken Wing said...

well if you read my comment you would have seen that i also discussed the philosophical question of the achievement and gave my thoughts on what led to the high. i admit i also congradulated you on weight loss but i must admit i thought you had lost weight lately. as a wise old person once said; take the compliments as they fall! Keith Carridene was in Kung Fu - a tv series in the 70's i think. he must have been in other things too. i know that is completely unrelated to achievement. i know you did not mention kung fu or keith carridene.

Inkpot said...

I did notice your comments Broken Wing, and thank you for your congratulations. I thought I should clarify the post even still. I think you mean David Carradine, and he has been in over 200 tv programmes and movies, including Kung Fu and Shane, and more recently, he was Bill in the Kill Bill movies. :)

Broken Wing said...

yes i think you are right