Friday, October 05, 2007

Feeling overwhelmed

33 days to go until I fly out to New Zealand and I am feeling totally overwhelmed with work. I want to plan out what I'm taking to New Zealand and get the trip in order, I want to get all my Christmas presents (bought and made) sorted before I go away, I have 3 friends birthdays this month and two family and there is Lily's baptism of course. I have paintings to finish and my art work to promote and sell and last, but by no means least, I have my writing to do. Til the Moon Fails has to be finished, The Mark of the Wolf has to be edited, and there are a couple of other projects that need my attention. Whether or not all these things are humanly possible, I don't know, but I will never get them done while I am stuck in this brain freeze of overwhelmdom. I've tried blocking things out, and even letting things go, but I am still buckling under the pressure of this self imposed burden. You know the old saying, 'You are your own worst enemy'? Isn't it funny that even when you know all the things you are doing wrong, it is really hard to stop doing them and change your behaviour.


DN Reporter said...

Sounds like you've a lot on your plate - just take your time and get the essentials done (passport & packing!).

Don't forget to keep in touch with the activities of the Nodpots by reading The Year Of The Nodpots Blog every day!

Inkpot said...

The Year of the Nodpots is always the first thing I look at when I go online, and I'm sure that will continue in NZ. Thanks DN.