Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lily Marie's Baptism

Lily Marie was welcomed into the Catholic Church yesterday. Unfortunately she had to share her baptism with three other babies, but despite the crowding, it was a beautiful ceremony. Lily looked resplendent in a Christening robe made by my mother. It was my Christening robe too, so it was nice to see something being used that had such a strong connection to the family. Lily was very good and cried at the correct moment of the ceremony, when the priest put the water on her head, letting out the demons. I don't think she liked dressing up in her finery (she especially disliked her tights, but they did come up to her chin), but I am sure it is something she will grow into as she gets older (ha!ha! get it?). There was a lovely meal afterwards for the special girl and her family. I forget the name of the hotel. I think Lily found all the attention a bit draining. Suri Cruise couldn't have been more in demand for photographs. However, it was her party so she could cry if she wanted to. In the afternoon she got a bit grumpy - it had been a long emotional day and she had circulated among the guests - so the evening wound up. It was a lovely day and it was lovely to see Lily and her parents again. I predict she is going to be tall, she has very long fingers. Thanks to Valpot for the picture. As you can see, she is tired and unhappy and very Murphy in appearance!


Valinora Troy said...

The hotel was Kilashee House, on the outskirts of Naas.

Lily looked lovely in her beautiful dress, though she had quite an anxious expression on her face when we arrived at the church. Doubtless she felt the burden of entertaining all these strangers! It was onmy second time meeting Lily, although she is over two months old! I look forward to meeting her in more relaxed (for her) circumstances!

Anonymous said...

I agree, she is very murphy- no bad thing of course

Pinky said...

she is sooooo beautiful - i wanted to steal her on Sunday.

Inkpot said...

VT - Thank you so much for your comment and for providing the name of the hotel. Thank you as well for the lovely photo of Lily and your kind permission to use it.
To Anon - Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting.
To Pinky - She is beautiful, glad you didn't steal her though. Simon and Danielle would NOT be happy! Thanks for commenting.