Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Disresponsible Day

I was in Dublin today and met up with Valpot. We went to not one, not two, but THREE movies in the Dundrum movieplex. The first movie was Stardust. I thought new comer Charlie Cox was very good in the lead role of Tristan. Other stand outs were Michelle Pfeiffer as the witch and Mark Williams as Billy the goat, although all the cast were good with the exception of Robert De Niro, who was cringe worthy, Ricky Gervais, who just does the same thing over and over again, and Claire Danes, who wasn't enough like a star for me, although she did grow on me after a while. Apart from that, the movie was very well done, imaginative, magical and enjoyable. Our second movie was Ratatouille. I have already posted an in depth review of this movie, so I'll just say that I enjoyed it again. After a brief meal in a nearby eatery, we caught our third movie, Black Sheep, a comedy horror with the by line 'The Violence of the Lambs'. There were some parts in this movie that I didn't like, but apart from those one or two occasions, I found it gory, funny and scary which equals good in my book.

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Valinora Troy said...

I agree totally - Stardust was by and large really good (De Niro CANNOT do comedy! And was in the only boring bit of the film), Pixar's latest was excellent, and Black Sheep enjoyable!

I thought we'd be square eyed and dizzy after 3 films but I wasn't! Just a little deaf!