Friday, December 21, 2007

Hellyboy II - the Golden Army

Just saw the trailer for Hellboy 2, out next year, and it looks AWESOME! I really enjoyed the first movie, and while I thought it was a good action flick with a cool tough guy hero supplying plenty of expected one line quips, it was the deeper underlying themes of good and evil, choice and free will, destiny and love that won me over and kept it fresh for me when I rewatched it (several times). I hope that the second movie also has a deeper theme that goes beyond the action, but from the trailer at least, the action and cool effects certainly do not seem to lag. They have left in Doug Jones' real voice for this movie (he plays Abe Sapien, the aquatic guy, who was voiced in the first movie by Fraiser's own David Hyde Pierce). Now, I am in two minds about this. I think Doug performed Abe brilliantly, and I am all for actors keeping their own voices*, but Niles' dulcet tones suited the dancer like grace of Abe's character to a t. From what I have heard (and it is only one line in the trailer), Doug's voice lacks the refinement I would like to hear for Abe's character. However, a whole movie might swing me around.
I can't wait to see it!
*however, performing a creature character in full make up is not the same as also voicing that character. The history of movies is full of guys in suits who were voiced by different people, and usually this was a good thing. Imagine how different Star Wars would have been if Darth Vader had a west country accent.

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DN Reporter said...

Must watch the first movie again, it's been awhile since I saw it!

Good luck with DNOTY '07 - looks likeyour readers are up for you!