Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where does time go?

I really don't understand time. I am very lazy (I think there is something about creative pursuits that attract the lazy person) and usually when the end of the day comes and I have nothing to show for it I know why. However, today I cannot blame my lethargy. I didn't watch tv or have a nap once today. I did read my book for a little while, but that was when I was waiting for the computer to do something and reading also counts towards my book total, so it is a good thing. I even got up at seven this morning, yet I feel I have nothing to show for a day filled with business (and unfortunately no writing). Therefore there is only one culprit to blame - time. I do not understand you.


Anonymous said...

i don't really agree that creativity attracts lasy people. i think most writers artist etc work more than averagely hard and have to if they want success. having said that the writer is often a thinker but that is not laziness. about time, its a strange entity i agree but
i dont think that something is a waste of time just because it does not seem apparantly productive. no good endevour is a waste of time.

Valpot (not being lazy or anything!) said...

I have the same problem. I sometimes mean to keep a time sheet to see where it goes - I mean, I don't just go into a catatonic state (do I?)

Inkpot said...

I don't know about you Valpot, but I think I am either abducted by aliens or catatonic for the majority of every day!
To anon - I agree that creative pursuits require people to work very hard with long hours every day and few holidays, however in the case of writing you can do this work at home, on the beach or, in Bram Stokers case, even in bed! 90% of acting, while requiring long days, also is about waiting around on set (if you are on film or tv) the hard part is really getting the job in the first place. Art, like writing, can also be done at home or in beautiful places. I suppose when I say lazy, I mean people who can't quite stand the tedium of an office job and like to make up their own hours, even if it means they end up doing more of them.