Thursday, December 13, 2007

Writing Competitions

I have decided to enter two writing competitions a month, if I can find ones interesting enough and/or with good enough prizes to enter. My competitions for this month are:-
Closing date: 31st December 2007
Prize: 1st $2,500, 2nd $1,500 3rd $1,000
Guidelines: Entries consist of 25 pages of related short stories, essays or the first 25 pages of a longer work. (I estimate 25 pages to be about 6000 words)
Closing date: 31st December 2007
Prize: 5 day writing course in Wales (27th July - 1st Aug. I know, that's the Nodpot Anniversary and, while it is in Wales, I don't think it is in Port Merrion!)
Guidelines: Entries consist of the first 1000 words of a novel.


Valinora Troy said...

Good luck with both of those - what are you entering??

Also I was thinking 2008 - Year of the Short Story. I think we should try and write one a week - or at least two a month, and build up our writing cvs.

What do you think?

Inkpot said...

Thanks VT, i've something new in the pipeline for these comps. The year of the short story sounds good, I was thinking along the lines of one a week as well. Even if they are rubbish, it is good practice, and one a month is bound to be good enough to send out.