Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Writing and other stuff

I woke up early and finished a short story I started before I went away. It was great, I got about 2000 words written before breakfast. I wish everyday started as well. I was worried that the word count would exceed the submission guidelines of my chosen market, but I just came in with a couple of dozen to spare. It is a miracle. I will leave it for a few days, read over it and submit it. Choice.
I re-read some of my blogs from New Zealand today and found them surprisingly well written. I can't believe that a month ago today I was experiencing wind chill in the Antarctic centre and being chased by ducks in Willowbank, let alone catching my first glimpse of Kaikoura and the south pacific. That song by Dido keeps running through my head - 'two weeks away feels like the whole world should have changed'.
Lots of writing competitions coming up this month and next month. I think I'll give some of them a go. I'll keep you updated.


Valinora Troy said...

I think that's a great idea - what competitions in particular are they?

If you'd like some one to proof read your short story, let me know! :)

Valinora Troy said...
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