Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm Back

Hi all, I'm back in sunny Ireland. Our plane arrived in Gatwick last night at about 10.30. We had a long wait in Gatwick airport and the Monster and I passed the time with making lists (the 32 counties, the 12 apostles, things like that) and then watched Dawn of the Dead (the remake) on the Monster's laptop (which I love and want to steal). Valpot very kindly picked us up at the airport and drove the Monster home. I picked up my car and drove back to Blackrock and arrived home about 1am, then with saying hello to Janna and settling in, I didn't get to bed until 3am so I am tired today! Went for a long walk on the beach with Janna in the evening. It was really warm and sunny and the beach was very sandy (unusual for Blackrock beach which is usually very wet). There were loads of people out on the beach with their kids. Janna and I walked down to the sea and paddled for ages. The sea looked horrible - there were big foaming lumps washing into shore as if someone had put washing up powder in the water - but felt wonderful. I will probably die of some mysterious illness in the next few days for paddling in it. If Dr House sees me, tell him about the polluted water, ok? When we crossed the river it got very deep and Janna was afraid to come after me, so she kept running up and down with the ball in her mouth looking anxious. On the other side the sand was very mucky and as I climbed out of the water I started sinking. I kept on thinking it would level out, but when I sank to my knees I began to wonder if I would continue sinking all the way to my neck. Fighting back panic and an uncontrollable urge to laugh (possibly because it reminded me of a similar instance with Hoofpot and I when I was a child) I said a quick prayer and managed to pull myself out. There were loads of people about and I had my phone with me so I wouldn't have been stuck for help, but the indignity of being pulled out of the mud forced me to try and extricate myself. It was a nice walk, despite the adventures, and possibly a bit much for Janna who collapsed as soon as we got home. I even thought it would have been nice to go swimming in the sea today - what has come over me?


Valpot said...

Dangerous stuff! Swimming in Madeira has gone to your head - beyond the river is a dangerous place (or so the sands say). Haven't you heard of Mary and the cattle (Blackrock really, not Dee) and Roseanna Spearman (okay, that was suicide)???

Inkpot said...

Iseult called the cattle home across the sands of Blackrock. Iseult called the cattle home, but never home came she. Mmm... rhymes better with Dee. Yes, the beach is a dangerous place. Sinking in the sand made me think of 1. The Princess Bride and the trip through the forest where Westley saved Buttercup from the quicksand and 2. The Colour of Light where apparently if you roll in quick sand it won't suck you down. Hey, I've just realised both those books were written by William Goldman. He must have some fascination with quicksand.

Inkpot said...

also makes me think of the moonstone