Thursday, May 22, 2008

What's Your Superpower?

Today I discovered what my super power was. Everyone has one. Some people can climb walls like a spider or balance on narrow ledges like Lara Croft. Some people can cook beautiful meals and bewitch people with their food. Mine is being able to find my way around places. Ok, so it isn't a very flashy super power, but it is mine. I never realised that it was my super power before because I thought everyone had that ability, but being here in Venice has made me realise that it is a gift only some people pocess. I've heard so many people complaining about how Venice is a maze and not knowing where they are, and I always know where I am and how to get back to places and where I am in relation to the hotel. It used to come in handy when playing computer games too. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I am fabulous at reading maps or that I can give brilliant directions. I'm just good at knowing where I am, so the next time I see someone leaping effortlessly from a boat or singing beautifully I can smile because I know I can do something that they probably can't.
I fed the pigeons in St. Marks Square today. That has been the highlight of Venice for me. I kept some bread from breakfast this morning and as soon as I produced it in the square the pigeons flocked over. I held out my hand and they flew up and perched on it to eat the bread. One big pigeon claimed my hand, pushing the other pigeons off and strutting around on my arm and chest while I reached into the bag to extract more crumbs. He also sat on my shoulder for a while and cooed. I felt like a pirate, it was magic! The majority of the pigeons clustered around my feet and pecked my toes. At one time I had a pigeon in each hand. I loved it. Their feet are warm and rough and their beaks are tickly. I asked the Mater to take a photo of me festooned with birds, but it was very sunny and she isn't used to my camera so none of them came out. I'll just have to feed them again tomorrow. Yeah! I think I'll save two rolls from breakfast.
Walked to Rialto this morning. What a fantasic bridge and what a great view of the Grand Canal. It is some sight. There are loads of shops on the bridge and (for those in the know) it reminded me of a smaller version of Citybridge. I liked the thought of maybe bumping into Hans or Luxur.
Found a shop I would like to take home to Ireland with me. It was full of leather notebooks and other beautiful writing things. I asked the shop keeper if he would ship to Ireland and he said normally no but he would for me (whether he remembers me is another thing) then he said that the Mater and me were Irish angels and gave us free book marks! I was chuffed.
Found a golden lion pendant in another jewellery shop. The shops in Venice are fab - if you are a millionaire. I've been looking for a lion pendant for ages and haven't found any so I was pleased when I saw this one. It was perfect. About the size of a two euro coin with a lions head in relief. 18 carat gold. Venice is the place of the lion, they are everywhere. I expected it to be expensive but not quite as dear as it turned out to be. Five hundred and eighty euro, so no lion pendant for me. Ah well, I'll just have to keep looking.
That's about all for my last full day in Venice. Weather was lovely again today and no flooding of St. Mark's Square, which is a change.


Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds wonderful. I think you have a superpower of being a writer as well. I suppose all of those Lara adventures not to mention countless others helped you're spacial awearness or perhaps it was just natural. But a great gift. You make Venice sound really romatic and interesting which it never has to me before. Especially when you say that its like CityBridge. SHops sound great as well. Of course WIggens and Drakles have been in touch with the pigeons, just like New Zealand. Hope you get photo tomorrow

Valpot said...

Such a shame the photos didn't come out. Better luck today!

Inkpot said...

Hi Anon. Thanks :). I thought Wiggins and Drakles must have put in a good word - thank them for me. The pigeons are very friendly. Venice is a very romantic magical city. It is unique. I think you would love it.
To Valpot - great you are back to the land of the blogging! Looking forward to hear about your holiday.