Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pushing Daisies

Apparently there was a song in the Eurovision last night entitled 'You're nobody until someone loves you'. Someone drew my attention to it this morning and spoke about the nature of love and the truth of the song title. It made me think of last nights episode of Pushing Daisies entitled Bitter Sweet. I think Pushing Daisies has a lot to say on the nature of love. Ned is totally devoted to Chuck - you only need to take one look at his goofy grin when he looks at Chuck to know he will love her til his dying breath - and the fact that they can never have a physical relationship makes their love even more poignant and pure. I also really love Olive and her love/crush on Ned. I would love to see them get together but I know that it is never going to happen because it would destroy Ned's undying love for (the undead) Chuck and I couldn't bear to see that happen. I love characters who have such precious fragile loyalty and fidelity. They are rare precious jewels that are so easily shattered and should be cherished in this world of mud and stones.
Chuck, played by Anna Friel

Anyway, this leads me to one of the nicest speeches I have heard on (romantic) love which was spoken by Alfredo the travelling salesman to Olive. You see, he loves Olive, but she doesn't notice him because she loves Ned. She asked him if he thought love could persist if you couldn't touch, hoping that he would say no because then she would have a chance that Ned would stop loving Chuck and realise he loved Olive. However, Alfredo thought this was the perfect time to declare how he felt about Olive and gave the following response:-
Alfredo played by Raul Esparza
If I loved you … then I would love you in any way I could. And if we could not touch, then I would draw strength from your beauty, and if I went blind then I would fill my soul with the sound of your voice and the contents of your thoughts until the last spark of my love for you lit the shabby darkness of my dying mind *
Olive Snook played by Kristin Chenoweth

I think it is a beautiful piece of writing on what love - real love - should be. A devoted force of the will that is not dependant upon lust, physical attraction, pleasure, or self gratification. Love that lasts hardships and time, disease decay and death. Love the way it should be and so seldom is. It is nice to see real love still being celebrated on tv.
Ned (aka the pie maker) played by Lee Pace

*Quote thanks to Give Me My Remote


Valpot said...

I've never seen the programme but I must watch out for it. Rare to see/hear/read - hope it lasts!

Malice Blackheart said...

Yeah, I remember that speech, and if I could cry, I would have, because so much about that show is so beautiful.

Pushing Daisies as actually my current favorite show right now. The best of this season, hands down. Bryan Fuller is a genius.

I'm also really pissed off that people described it as tired and cliched. It's a FAIRY TALE! This is the style, and it's totally original. I say there aren't enough modern fairy tales.