Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just One Gondola

The man at the hotel reception told us this morning that he had 2 guests interested in a Gondola ride this afternoon and asked if we would like to join them. Having no sense between us, we agreed. Our companions turned out to be a couple of Australians and were very pleasant. We paddled through the high tide that had flooded St. Mark's Square and trudged down to the Gondolier stand. Thankfully it was dry, warm and sunny today. What a difference it made! The sea was very choppy and I found it really hard to get into the Gondola. It rocked a lot in the water and at times I felt it was going to tip over. Things wouldn't have been so bad if one of the men from Oz hadn't said 'Only one in five capsizes' as we got into the boat. The trip was well worth it and we got a lovely view of Venice, but I was absolutely terrified and very shaken when it was time to get out of the boat (I needed a lot of help getting out. The Australians guys helped me on the dock while the Gondolier shouted at me to get out 'Now lady, now'). I was going to suggest we go to Murano tomorrow but I don't think I'll be up to another boat til Friday. The Mater managed very well and she isn't as spry as I am. We browsed the shops in the afternoon and chilled out in St. Mark's Square for a while. Saw a very large seagull snacking on a pigeon and some pigeons snacking on little girls (or the food they had in their hands). Watched a man proposing to his girlfriend (I knew he was proposing because he went down on one knee). I think she said yes because she cried and hugged him. Saw a newly married couple getting their wedding photos taken. There was an orchestra in the square playing some lovely chamber music. Saw lots of lovely dogs and some nuns eating ice cream.


Anonymous said...

You are very brave. I'M glad you did it, not you will know what gondolier travel is like and why the rest of the world stuck to roads and cars! You've no excuse not to pop on a horse now!!! you make St Marks square sound very poetical

Valpot said...

Ah Venice!

Yes, a bit scary getting in and out, but worth it for the experience, I think!

Inkpot said...

Hi Anon. Thanks, I found it hard going but I lived through the experience, yay! I don't know about horses, they are very different from boats. St. Mark's Square is lovely. I think the absence of cars and roads makes Venice very laid back and relaxing.
Hi Valpot - yes very scary getting in and out and throughout the whole experience, but well worth it even if only for the fear factor and for making me appreciate dry land all that much more.