Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Beach bliss

The sun decided to appear this morning after four days of dark cloud and constant rain. Hurried out to the beach. Went to kinnego bay. The sand was golden the atlantic was pearly green with so much foam it looked like some one had put bubble bath in it and the rocks were smooth solid blue or black. The ocean must be rough in the bay because there was very little life in the rock pools. A few dogged limpets and a plank covered with muscles. I have never seen them open and feeding before. It was beautiful. Saw two dead fish washed up too - another first. Janna had great time frolicing in the waves and biting at the water. The beach was quite short and the sand was very soft so not great for walking. If the weather stays fine we will search further afield for a longer strand. The bay made me think of my book and started my writing cogs turning again. Found out when i got back to the house that a ship went down there in the sixteenth century. I must get an hours work in this evening. Feeling inspired.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear sun came out - nothing like it to revilise everything - hope it will decide to stay for a few days. the beach sounds great

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel it is about time you updated this blog!!!! I mean it is nearly a week and i though that blogs were meant to be continuous musings and ponderings not intermettiant ones!! you will see i don't have spell check!