Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lunch time

Went for a walk to the post office at lunchtime with Janna and met the first dog that didn't try to attack her viciously. However, the poor little thing was a mite too friendly and followed us home. I think he would have liked to come into the house with us too. I was tempted to let Janna off the lead. She is very friendly, but I think the dog would have got a shock if she came racing towards him wanting to play. I was worried he would run out of the garden and Janna would go after him, so I didn't. He was a lovely little jack Russell, very cute, with a fancy shiny collar. I wonder if his owners know he has run away.

Anyway, enough of walks and lunch. Time to get back to starting section two.


Anonymous said...

It's good to see you updating your avid public on the status of your writing - when do you expect to complete section two?

grumpy said...

this is very interesting but despite been several days old it contains nothing about writing - were you pleased by section one? what were the reactions to it? how is section 2 going? what is happening? are we to take it that you are on another block or out enjoying yourself?