Friday, August 11, 2006

Dublin Horse Show 2006

I went to the Dublin Horse Show today with Michele. Met up with Pamela and Madeline there. It was a great day (apart from the shopping). The weather was quite cold, and there was some rain, but there was also sun as well, so it wasn't too bad. Michele and I had a list of things we wanted to get at the stalls, but unfortunately we didn't get any of the things, so the shopping was a bit depressing. There was a dressage demonstration in the afternoon (see picture above, extended trot). I can't remember the names of the girls and their horses who did the demonstration (sorry) but they were excellent, beautiful to watch and very inspiring (watch out Cori! I want to do canter pirouettes).
The Nations Cup was brilliant (see picture of Cian O'Connor above). Ireland did really well and came third, and it was quite close at the end between Germany and Holland (Germany won). Michele and I thought we could have guessed how the nations would be placed by how the teams horses behaved during the marching band's rendition of their national anthem during the parade of nations. Germany, Holland and Ireland had the best behaved horses.

Between the rounds of the Nations Cup the Army's Equitation School performed a lovely demonstration of riding together. It was beautiful to watch, and I was amazed at their military precision (Cori and J.B watch out!)

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Anonymous said...

This is a really good review of the horse show with brill pictures the excitment and atmostphere are really captured. hopefully there will be some more equestarian news from Donegal!!!