Thursday, August 24, 2006

Section Two

In response to a recent comment, I felt impelled to do a bit of blogging about my writing (which is, after all, what the Inkpot files are about - mostly). I finished Section One on Tuesday. I am fairly happy with it. It isn't perfect and will need some work, but it has set up what I want to have set up and it will suffice for the moment. I have written about 1/2 of section two already and I am pleased with it. Unfortunately, due to family commitments, I didn't get any writing done yesterday and if I get a couple of hours this evening I will be lucky. However, despite that, I am still optimistic that I will be finished the second section before the end of the week (don't hold me to that though, my track record in realizing predictions is not good).

1 comment:

grumpy said...

i am interested to hear of your progress. i hope you will have section 2 completed shortly. a few pictures would be nice now!!!