Thursday, March 13, 2008

Death in Dreams

I was watching a movie (1408 to be exact. Not bad; typical predictable Stephen King storyline, but very watchable thanks to John Cusack) and the old chestnut 'you can't die in your dreams' came up. As it happens, I had a dream recently where I killed myself. I was a professor in a university and something terrible was going to happen. I knew this because there had been a taster of it the week before but when it came back it was going to stay for good (the terrible event involved everyone in the whole world being turned into zombies). I couldn't stand the thought of this so myself and my husband decided to commit joint suicide. We lay down on our bed together and I shot him in the head and then shot myself and died. When I died, the dream merely changed to another dream. I didn't wake up or anything like that. So I guess you can die in a dream and live. Anyone else out there die in a dream, or am I just a very sick and twisted individual?


Anonymous said...

Er...the latter!!! :)

I usually wake up at the moment the bull's horns rip into me, but I have occasionally died and turned into other people.

Inkpot said...

I always knew I had a dark and twisted mind, thanks for confirming that anon!