Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Photos

My new photos are now up on MovieExtras. I like my full length shot (although my trousers are so long it looks like I don't have any feet, which is strange) and I like the 'personality' shot (above) but my head and shoulders shot isn't great. It isn't the photographers fault, he did his best. I don't like it because I am grinning like a maniac in it. One of the lists of photo dos and don'ts on Movie Extras is don't look comical, casting directors don't like that. Well, all I need is the red nose to look like a clown. It is very embarrassing. I wonder if I'll get any job offers from it (anyone looking for a village idiot?)


Anonymous said...

I think the photo you show here is lovely, don't see any comical, is the eyesight joining the voice?

Inkpot said...

I didn't show the comical photo on the blog, obviously anon! Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Can you give us the link to Movie Extras so that we can see the other photos? Or do you have to be a member?

This is a lovely photo!