Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter

I can't believe it has been over a week since I blogged. The last seven days have passed so quickly for me - and without much to show for it unfortunately. I keep on thinking it is early March, but April is less than seven days away.
Because I missed blogging on the big day - HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE
I know this picture isn't religious and doesn't relate to the true meaning of Easter, but it is so cute I couldn't resist. Now, if only that rabbit could be replaced with a pig and that picture would remind me of two good friends of mine.This time of year always seems to be an excuse to over indulge in cheap (or expensive) chocolate, which leaves you feeling rather bloated and ill. I was in Dublin at the weekend and I overheard a woman in the toilet's of a hotel saying that she couldn't eat chocolate because it inflamed her ovaries. I am fascinated by this. What are inflamed ovaries?

I am in holiday mode this week, even though I am not officially on holidays, and this has made it hard for me to work. I will leave my official review of the month to next week but March hasn't been a great month. What with being sick for the majority of it, my life has suffered - from my work to my exercise regime and my animals. I hope that in the remaining few days of the month I can turn things around and, to paraphrase the words of (the original) Sarah Connor 'Write a lifetimes worth' - or at least a months.


Valpot said...

Good luck with the last few days - and I'm sure you'll make up for march next month!

Inkpot said...

Thanks Valpot. How are your own writing endevours going? I haven't heard from the DNOTY 07 in AGES????