Sunday, March 16, 2008

Review of Week 10th - 16th March

I've had to have words with my immune system. What should have been a cold that ran its course in a couple of days ended up knocking me down for two weeks with serious consequences to my work. I don't think my white blood cells are working hard enough. I called them in for a debriefing and gave them a good dressing down. Shame faced they nodded their little white heads and pleaded to try harder. Only time will tell if they can keep out of the gambling dens in my pituitary and stay on the job.
With that in mind, the last week hasn't been my most productive. I'm getting back on my feet now, but I still have a cough and the sniffles so progress is slow. That said, I managed to write four thousand words (one short story and one flash fiction - both need editing) and read one book. OK, that isn't much to boast about, but those words were written from my sick bed.
I hope next week to be getting back into the swing of things.


Valpot said...

I think the important thing is to keep going, and it doesn't matter how little you wrote last week (though it seems very good considering your sickness!) as long as you wrote something.

Hope you're better now!

Inkpot said...

thanks Valpot, I'm feeling a lot better this week