Thursday, June 12, 2008

1985 - 1986

The oldest piece of writing I have is my diary (probably my very first diary) from 1985/1986. I wasn't too good at writing as a 4 year old, so I used to dictate my entries to different members of my family. They are quite funny. I also did a lot of drawing, which I was slightly better at than at writing.
My first attempt at writing in my diary (pictured above). There is no date, but I guess it was around late summer/early autumn 1985. I'm sure it made perfect sense to me at the time. Thankfully my writing has improved (slightly) since then. By Christmas time my writing had improved greatly. This entry almost makes sense. Please note that 'I watched television' was not written by me, but probably dictated by me. It is a diary entry that would be as appropriate today as it was then.

Other things have not changed. The beginnings of my dark mind were evident in even my 4/5 year old self. At first I thought they were fire breathy winged horses. On second view I think they might be dragons. You are free to make up your own mind on what they are.

This looks like a harmless bird, but look again and you will see that its mouth is full of teeth (it is possibly the reason why the bird on the right has no head. It looks rather like the cat who got the cream). It is obviously a pterosaur. I am as obsessed with them today as I was then.

Perhaps the darkest of my diary pictures, this appears to show a pair of squirrels (I think they are squirrels) being bombed by an aeroplane. What the squirrels are doing is a mystery to me. Neither of them look very happy, although whether it is at the prospect of being bombed or because of what they are doing I don't know. My guesses are that they are either 1. Enslaved and set to work making horse shoes or 2. Terrorist squirrels making weapons of mass destruction. If you have any thoughts on the meaning of this picture, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

brilliant - :) (Pinks)

Anonymous said...

You were either quite a disturbed (if brilliant child) or we are interpting these pictures a bit darkly. Take the birds, they definitely look happy and one has a 500 note so maybe he was flying off to give it to someone (the fact that they happen to be pterosaurs instead of cranes first explains the books you were reading). Similiarly with the flying horses or dragons? I would tend more to the flying horse theory - pegasus with a punch (the fire). As for the poor squirrels, they look happy, maybe it is just raining and the airoplane is a co incidence. i cannot believe the parent and child would be so placid and indifferent to being bombed. still very interesting and very artistic. nice the way you used the whole canvas and created the picture rather than just drawing isolated objects. you must get back to your paintings

Malice Blackheart said...

HAHAHA - I love, love, LOVE this stuff... It is so completely adorable.

Inkpot said...

Thanks Pinks.

Hi Anon. I would tend to go with the disturbed and brilliant child posibility. I have a lot of pictures which concerned death and killing, with nice red drops of blood drawn in (cats with mice in their mouths and such) and I considered the Daleks my close personal friends. One of my early poems was entitled the H poem, where H stood for hate. I think I had issues (still do). As regards interpretation, you could be right in the first couple of pictures, but I disagree about the squirrels. I think they look very unhappy, whatever is happening to them. I must do more paintings all right. I miss it.

Thanks Mal, glad you like.