Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I don't know what to blog about!

A very unusual thing happened to me today. I couldn't think of anything to blog about. So I waited for inspiration to strike. Perhaps I would get some writing news, or have a funny experience while doing the shopping with my mother, or get an email of congratulations from the friends and family members I sent a link to my story to, but no. I waited in vain. It is rare that I can't think of something to blog about so I decided I would blog about the very thing I couldn't do - blog. I am going to call it blogger's block. I'm sure older and wiser people (or should I say younger?) have already coined the phrase Bloggers Block, but I haven't come across it before so I am going to claim it as my own and if you say you know of someone who has used it already I will put my fingers in my ears and whistle the theme tune to the X Files until you stop talking. Anyway, back to this random ramble which is really about anything that comes into my head at the moment (sounds of tumbleweed rolling around the empty spaces in my head). Yes, yes, well. How is the writing going, I hear you say? Wrestled all day today with a story idea for the Bridport competition. I think it is a good story idea, but perhaps needs more room to expand in than the generous five thousand words of Bridport. Then another idea occurred to me, based on my first idea, but I am reluctant to explore it as I don't know if it will annihilate my first idea (or should I more correctly say decimate?). Read an article that more or less paraphrased Mungo and said Writing is Easy! Yeah, well some people say there is no such thing as writers block and maybe it is true. I think you should write everyday and do all the wonderful things that they suggest, but no matter how hard you try to turn off the internal editor and let your creativity flow and write what you love and know about and all that stuff, some days it just won't come. Or perhaps it is bloggers block I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

I have permanent bloggers block!!! So once in 2 years is pretty good indicator of a good blogger. I am sorry no one sent you emails to congratulate you on your publication- they must have been out of the country! I was out of the office so I couldn't but a beautiful email was in my head.

Valpot said...

Why don't you tell us how it feels to see your story in Apollo's Lyre?

An excellent story too, very poetic and evocative.

Inkpot said...

Thanks Anon. I think you should work on your bloggers block, once in two years is not enough.
Thanks Valpot. Good idea.