Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Lament for Pit the Pony

She walked upon the islands fair
her mistress had golden hair
her golden body gleamed in vain
as she looked out the window pane
The raging sea was her torment
of this she often dreamt
that on her castle wall
one day she would fall
Under the moonlight starry sky
she watched the fireflys fly by
and she knew her end was near
when she heard the tremble with her ear
She heard the tremble with her ear
it came far wide and near
with that she jumped into the sea
and that was the end of my little ponnie
A Lament for Pit the Pony was written in 1986. Pit the pony was a tiny yellow plastic pony who I lost in the garden one day and was very upset. To cheer me up, Hoofpot suggested I write a poem to mourn her passing - hence the lament. It was first published by The Blackrock Bosh and is reproduced in its entirety above from the original source - my diary - with spelling as I found it. The spelling is not mine. The identity of the transcriber is lost to the mists of time.


Anonymous said...

so sad ... what about the poem about NObs and his little feet ( PINKS)

Valpot said...

It's a lovely but sad poem, but really brilliant for a 5/6 year old! Incredible!

Anonymous said...

I always found that poem quite disturbing- very good or course but really tragic. you seemed to have given up poetry???

Inkpot said...

Hi Pinks. I haven't come across that poem yet but, from what i remember, it went something like this - oh nobbles oh nobbles my sweet, where oh where are your little feet? - there might have been a second verse, but I can't remember it.
A dark poem indeed Valpot. I haven't changed much in tone since then, have I! :)
Hi Anon. It is a very tragic poem and I think there is a story behind - apart from the real story behind it, if you know what I mean. I haven't written poetry since I was a teenager. I know it is considered the highest form of art, but I'm not that drawn to it. It must be too high for me to reach.