Sunday, June 01, 2008

Review of May 2008

It is hard for me to write up my stats for May because most of them were on my laptop and it has taken its secrets with it to the grave. However, I have been able to salvage the following facts:-
While May was not a bumper month for my word count (I can remember that, but not how many words I wrote) it certainly was for my submissions. I entered 5 competitions (although, to be more correct, I entered 5 stories in 3 competitions) and submitted 7 stories to 7 different publications. I have yet to hear back on any of those fronts.
I did have good news with another acceptance in May. My story, 'All in the Family' will appear in the second Invisible Ink Anthology. Buy it, enjoy the stories and vote for mine (or vote for it anyway) on the Invisible Ink website. The stories are published anonymously, so remember the name of my story - 'All in the Family'.
My first published (although not first accepted) work should have appeared in the May issue of Apollo's Lyre (and it probably still will) except the May issue of Apollo's Lyre isn't published yet. Keep an eye on the website for June.
I finished two books in May, which is better than April but is terrible and I don't know why I am reading so little. It is something I must continue to address.
On a non writing note, May has been a month of many firsts. My first time in London (but hopefully not my last), my first time on the London Eye and cruising on the Thames. My first time in Madeira and in a swimming pool (well, the first time in 23 years). My first time in Venice (also, hopefully not the last), my first time on a Gondola and my first time doing Aqua Aerobics. A lot of travel and a lot of firsts.


Valinora Troy said...

A really busy month! Congratulations on all your submissions & acceptances.
Looking forward to reading & voting for you!
Hope your laptop gets fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good month for travelling- quite amazing you managed to get writing as well. I suppose the reading just had to give

Inkpot said...

Thanks VT. Must look into fixing the laptop.
Thanks Anon, quite amazed I managed to get so much writing done as well. The travel must be inspiring!